06 Jan

Books we recommend: Surviving Alzheimer’s

Surviving Alzheimer’s, written by Paula Spencer Scott, is on the Alzheimer’s Coalition of Henderson County’s list of suggested reading materials.

What every family member of a loved one with dementia needs to know: How to help without sacrificing YOU. In Surviving Alzheimer’s you’ll find: The best, most current thinking on how to enhance quality of life and safety while minimizing stress on everyone involved.

  • The “Why This, Try This” approach to understanding what’s behind odd, frustrating behaviors—and what you can do about them
  • How to defuse resentment, guilt, anger, and family friction
  • Lifesaving insights from a team of top dementia-care experts from geriatrics, psychiatry, social work, law, dementia therapy, and caregiver advocacy
  • Stories and ideas from real families

All in a fast, scannable format, unlike any other Alzheimer’s guide, perfect for short-on-time caregivers.

Purchase Surviving Alzheimer’s from Amazon or wherever books are sold.

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