11 Nov

Books we recommend: Untangling Alzheimer’s

Untangling Alzheimer’s, written by Tam Cummings, PhD, is on the Alzheimer’s Coalition of Henderson County’s list of suggested reading materials.

A gerontologist explains dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, from diagnosis to death in terms family and professional caregivers can understand.

The stages of dementia, the history of Alzheimer’s and the physiology of the disease are explained. Communication techniques, working with and tracking combative behaviors for the doctor are discussed, as well as techniques to address caregiver stress. Activities for person’s with dementia are offered. The progression of the disease with an emphasis on the A’s of Alzheimer’s are provided, giving caregivers a clear explanation of falls, loss of speech, movement and memory.

Vignettes from case histories are used to illustrate key points in the book. A detailed and compassionate explanation of the end of life is presented for caregivers.

Purchase Untangling Alzheimer’s from Amazon or wherever books are sold.

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